The Bitches who do not live with us
Mellsjøhøgda's My Generation (Leia)
Mellsjøhøgda's Winter Zurprize (Selma)

Mellsjøhøgda's Just A Flirt (Shira)
Mellsjøhøgda's Keep Me Smiling (Mali)
Mellsjøhøgda's Latest Sensation (Maja)
Mellsjøhøgda's Reach The Sky (Wilma)
Mellsjøhøgda's Vote For Me (Hannah)

Mellsjøhøgda's My Generation

Bitch born 11/4-05

Here she is 22 months old

Leia lives together with my parents


6 x CK

Leia's Pedigree


Mellsjøhøgda's Winter Zurprize

Bitch born 23/1-07

Selma is the dam of a Int Ch


3 x CK

Here she is 17 months old



Selma's Pedigree

Head Study, 17 months old
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Mellsjøhøgda's Just A Flirt


Bitch born 19/5-2012


Here she is 2 years old

Shira lives with Ann Kristin and Sanja


3 x CK

Shira's Pedigree

Head Study, 2 years old
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Mellsjøhøgda's Keep Me Smiling

Bitch born 13/6-2012


Here she is 3 years old

Mali lives with My, Maja, Lala and Kari

Mali's Pedigree

Head Study, 3 år
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Mellsjøhøgda's Latest Sensation

Bitch born 7/9-2012



Here she is 9 months old

Maja lives with My, Mali, Lala and Kari

Maja's Pedigree

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Mellsjøhøgda's Reach The Sky

Bitch born 6/7-2013



Here she is 9 months old

Wilma lives with Aina Kristine

Wilma's Pedigree

Headstudy, 6,5 weeks old
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Mellsjøhøgda's Vote For Me


Bitch born 1/1-2014


Here she is 2,5 years old

Showresult at puppyshows:



Hannah's Pedigree

Head Study, 7 weeks old
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