N Uch Cassius Bohemia Classic "Cass"

Cass and Zita's dogpuppy was born
on the 19th of March 2022


Mellsjøhøgda's Xpect Some Fun "Zita"

N Uch Cassius Bohemia Classic

GB Ch Mistmere Blackthorn at Shelridge

Foubeck Funtastic GB Ch Janetstown Jogalong
Foubeck Flamenco
Mistmere Lavender Lace Jontygray Black Magic
Shelridge Made You Laugh with Mistmere
Rus JunCh Ch H
Volga Winner Idea Fix For Rus Marlins

Rus JunCh Rus Ch
Gordon's Shell Masquerade

Int Rus Fin Est Lv Lt Balt Ch
Dippersmoor Dark Mirage
Gordon's Shell Tequila
Rus Marlins
Briana Rossa
Rus JunCh Rus Ch Rus ClubCh Rus GrandCh French Cancan Des Romarins de Mayerling
Rus JunCh Rus Ch Rus ClucCh Rus GrandCh RKF Ch
Rus Marlins Extragavanza
Xpect Some Fun


Arcot Snow Patrol
Willowgarth Golden Summer
The Dance Mistress
Mohnesee Mr Palmer JW
Mohnesee Bandmistress JW
Funtastic In Blue
Highly Defined
GB Ch Highbrook Harlequin
Erjon Hermione
Party Party
Mellauric Mister Giles
Mellsjøhøgda's Xtra Xotic
2 days old
1 week old
18 days old
3 weeks old 4 weeks old
5 weeks old 6 weeks old
7 weeks old